Monday, March 8, 2010

Modern Sewing

I got to stay in bed until 6:40 this morning! This is reason to celebrate in our house full of early risers. So this is a good day. Hope you have something to celebrate this Monday too!

This is a random little post about books and sewing, two of my very favorite things on the whole planet (no exaggeration). Friends and family know that I love books, especially old books. Every once in awhile a loved one will come across a book that looks like my kind of thing and give it to me, just because. I love getting little treats like this. One of these surprises was the The New Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing by Frances Blondin (published in 1948) and it is such a gem. I came across the following passage the other day and it made me smile.

"The first simple problems of sewing may be done entirely by hand. A sewing machine, however, is a great time saver. Its operation is so simple, that, in this day and age, when automobiles and even airplanes are familiar to us, no woman should have to confess ignorance of the sewing machine."

Even better was the picture below that accompanied the text. Don't we all look that cute and well-rested (with pumps on no less!) at the sewing machine?? And, by the way, I think that a sewing machine built right into the table is a thing of wonder. Someday I will either buy a vintage machine like this or beg my husband to build me a table (heads-up, Sweetie!).

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  1. The machine my grandma sewed on was just like that one. :) What a cool book!

  2. I love it. I look exactly like that when I sew...well, actually that's a big fat lie. I never sew wearing shoes and I normally have baby chuck or wet hair or something similarly un-glam!!! Hey I think I made a new word.

    Love the blog :)

  3. I wish I didn't have to claim ignorance of the sewing machine! Hey, I'm getting there. Thanks for sharing. Cute!


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