Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off the deep end...

Today I did something a little drastic and now you get the bear the burden of my blog post...
I went and had all my hair cut off. My poor husband ADORES long hair, but I gave him advance warning and explained to him that every day it makes me a little nuttier. I don't think he'll ever understand the complicated completely irrational relationship I have with my hair but I think he felt bad for me.

After having two babies in less than two years, my hair took a real beating. I know everyone has different experiences with pregnancy, and I am truly blessed to have easy & healthy pregnancies. But after I have a baby, I lose ungodly amounts of hair. So now it's all growing back in, which is great. But it does not make for an easy coif to manage.'s not terrible, but it takes way too much effort to get this so-so hair

This morning, I took my sister (who, along with me and our mom, also has an irrational relationship with her hair...maybe it's genetic?) and did the deed. 

My model cut and my latte.
If I actually get to leave the house without my kids and get pampered with a haircut, you can put money on the fact that I'm treating myself to a latte.

Playing with my new hair after the cut...and LOVING it!!!
(and how cute is my sister taking pictures in the background?)

 My sister and I basking in the glow of a new haircut

And one more gratuitous self portrait at home...
did I already mention how much I love it?

Here's to a new start
and hopefully not looking like a boy...
(and, as my 3 1/2 year old said when I walked in the door, 
"It's just hair, Mommy, it will keep growing.")
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  1. Brave girl! Looks terrific...enjoy your new 'do!

  2. oh you look so cute Kari! what a relief to get that hair chopped off. :)

  3. When I saw you last night, -I- wanted to run my fingers through it! It fits you perfectly and you look beautiful. A little jealous...why again am I trying to grow mine long? Enjoy the ease of your new -do-.

  4. I just did the same thing! After having my daughter 13 months ago, my hair was falling out like crazy. I've always had short hair and had grown it out for the first time since literally second grade. So, I took the plunge, cut it to look much like yours does and haven't regretted it since! Yours looks beautiful - I still worry about looking like a boy sometimes! - keep rockin' the short style!

  5. I can relate. Adorable Kari! You could do anything with that beautiful face!

  6. You are all so sweet! Thanks for complimenting the new do!

  7. My dear, sweet Kari -

    You look absolutely adorable! And no one ever, not even when you were a tiny baby with wispy hair, has mistaken you for a boy. It won't start happening now! You're too much of a girl :)

    Love you bunches!


  8. Looks great! Makes me want to chop mine, too- I'm trying to grow for Locks of Love- we'll see if I make it. Maybe by then my new growth after Jack's "fall out" will be long enough people won't notice it like they do now... :-)

  9. Hi Kari! It looks A-dorable! So cute! you have the perfect cute face for it! and now you'll have automatic layers coming in!
    I lost a ton of hair too.... I HAD to cut it off... I started to look like one of those dolls you start to hate, so you pull the hair out in spots.... that was me. Spotty. egads...
    you my friend look great!

  10. I completely agree with Allison. The new style looks great on you. I wish I had the nerve to chop my hair so short...until then I'm afraid my "quick style" is doomed to a pony tail.

    @ Nat, I cut my "baby" hair off and sent it to Pantene instead of Locks. It's worth a look if you just want to donate to a good cause. They only need 8 inches instead of 10.


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