Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trendy with a touch of Mommy

I'm working my way into my thirties and am generally pretty content in this decade. But fashion is getting tricky for me. On the one hand, I can be a fun, creative girl who wants to express myself (even if just a little) through my clothes. On the other hand, I am a grown woman with 2 small children (who are usually wiping some kind of nasty substance on me) and I want to convey mature and responsible.

This means that I want to fashionable and somewhat current without looking like I'm trying to be 15. Oh, and my clothes have to stand up to considerable wear and tear. I'm sure you understand what I mean. Last week, I made a small step into hip when my mom bought me a pair of jeans at the Gap (how ironic that my mom is helping me to be hip?). They are super cute, a great length for me, and they have a hole in them (you can see them on me here in the pictures I added). While part of me feels like buying clothes with holes in them is just plain silly, another part of me thinks they're pretty darn adorable on.

So I have found a way to reconcile the wanting-to-be-hip and having-to-be-a-Mommy factions. And I think you'll like it. In order to keep the hole from getting too big too fast (and relegating my jeans to the painting clothes pile), I put an iron-on denim patch on the inside of the hole! This is also a good trick when your very favorite jeans in the whole world start wearing thin in the knees. Put a couple patches on and you've bought yourself at least a couple more months of denim happiness. This was what I did with a once fabulous pair of jeans before turning them into shorts here.

First, grab your jeans with the chic hole.

Now grab some iron-on denim patches.

Turn your jeans inside out and line up the patch, fusible side down.

Now follow the packaging instructions for your denim patch.
Or...if you're like me and don't hang on to important things like that, 
just iron the heck out of it on high with steam.

Turn them inside out and notice that you can't even tell!

This section will feel a little stiff at first but after washing it will soften up.
You can now get the most mileage out of your hip jeans!
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  1. You do look adorable in those jeans, and I'm always more than happy to help you be hip since that way I get to be hip vicariously :)

    love you!


  2. cute, great idea. I have a pair that I've had since college that I don't want to get a bigger hole in!


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