Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quilt Top Pattern

After I posted the quilted duvet, a reader asked for the pattern.
She was in luck because I drew it all out in advance and actually kept my work. Most amazingly, I was able to find it!
You can use the how-to here to assemble the duvet itself. This is just a pattern for the quilt top based on a finished duvet of 88" x 68".
I've never used or written a quilt pattern...you've been warned.

Just for fun, here is what my draft looked like for the quilt. Remedial math and random scribbles.
DON'T follow this as a pattern since it was only a draft in progress. 

Now, if you want to make a similar quilt, here is a basic pattern. 
It's not to scale, but does show the overall construction.
High tech handwriting and all...

 And my duvet for reference (flipped to match the sketched pattern)

 You'll need:
Two yards of your main fabric (Curious George print on mine)
Half a yard of 4 or 5 different coordinating fabrics (these are the red, blue, green, yellow and white vertical strips on mine)
One Yard of a solid cotton (this is white Kona muslin on mine...)

1. Cut your main fabric into four strips running the full width of the fabric and measuring 16 1/2" tall (this is the Curious George print on mine). Trim your selvages. These are your 1 pieces.

2. Cut one full width piece of each of your coordinating fabrics, also 16 1/2" high .

3. Take your coordinating fabrics from step 2 and cut them into various width strips. Assemble them in a random order until you have four sections, each about 30" long. These will be your 2 sections.

4. Sew 1 together with 2 for all four A sections. You'll notice I alternated these left and right so that two of my A sections have 1 on the left, while the other two A sections have 1 on the right.

5. Piece together four 4 1/2" x 70" strips using your solid cotton. These are your B sections.

6. Join A to B, alternating until all the sections are joined.

7. Piece together one 6 1/2" x 70" strip. This is your C section.

8. Join C to the top edge of your first A strip (the head of the bed).

9. Piece together one 8 1/2" x 70" strip. This is your D section.

10. Join D to the bottom of your last A strip (the foot of the bed).

From here, make yourself a twin size quilt or make the duvet like I did.  
And please feel free to ask questions since I have serious doubts that this will make sense to anyone but me.
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  1. Am I putting bating behind my quilt squares?

  2. Hi! There's no batting in this project. Hope that helps!


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