Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet Days

We have hard days in our house just like anybody else. Days where patience, money, time, and sleep are in short supply. But we've got lots of tickling, snuggles, playing outside, reading books, creating, love, and family. We've got amazing friends and a cozy roof over our heads. We have today and I am really really thankful for it. And I happen to have a fabulous job right under that cozy roof.

I love my job (official title: Mommy) and just adore my kids. I think I could have a whole herd of kids just so that I could learn them and enjoy them growing every day.

The other morning we baked cookies and it wasn't even 9am. My oldest had been asking to bake something for days ("Just like you, Mommy. Pleeeeease?") and we had a free morning. We were all in our jammies, we'd eaten a healthy breakfast, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend our morning than baking. So we spilled flour on the counter (and the floor and the sink and ourselves and maybe even a little on the dog), fished some eggshells out of the mixing bowl, and scraped cookie dough onto the baking sheet with the most adorable chubby fingers I've ever known.

And why in the world did I choose to leave my job and be a full-time mom if we can't have cookie-baking mornings? Seriously. This is such a good life.

{Oh, and we did eat some cookie dough after making it, but I redeemed my inner healthy mom by making them wait for the baked cookies until after lunch. That totally makes sense to me for some reason.}
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  1. Yum. Being a mom is the best job ever...hardest and best.


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