Saturday, July 3, 2010


Beyond my family and friends (and even a giant dog), I have two other great loves. Two loves that take up a lot of my free time and satisfy my soul. Creating and Words.

The first you see a lot of here in my sewing with a little jewelry/paper/paint dabbling mixed in. And my creating was acquired fairly recently. Within the last decade or so. I've tried out a handful of different things and sewing is what suits me best. It's predictable in technique and yet limitless in application.

The words, however, are a lifelong love for me both in reading and writing. I read about as much as I sew. I know. Who would have thought that there were so many hours in the day? Or, should I say, hours in the wee night lying in bed with my Reader propped in front of me when I should be sleeping because little ones will be up in only a few hours? And I write whenever I can steal a handful of moments. Words are always swirling in my mind, taking shape, rearranging, getting scrubbed out, overwritten. I'm always working the bits and pieces of my day to find a good shape. But truth be told, I try to keep the words to a minimum around here. I'm just not sure how many words are too many. I really don't want to bog you all down with my rambling. You hear a lot of noise in your day and maybe I would just be adding to your already full mind and growing list. Maybe you just want to pop in and check out the crafty goods, feel inspired and ride on through your day. I totally get that.

Blogging is a strange thing in which we indulge our hobbies/whims/thoughts/what-have-you and then wonder if anyone heard us. We broadcast them boldly and then wait quietly. It's a strange little pastime to pick up and a very hard one to put down. It keeps me moving forward creatively and helps to work my mind when the rest of my day is Mommy Work. And if you didn't stop by and read my ramblings and look at my amateur photos and applaud my improving thread and needle skills, I wouldn't keep at it. You all have taken a liking to the little blog even though I've never met most of you. You actually take time out of your day to swing by. That's amazing to me.

And now I've rambled on and on...see, that's what I was afraid of. But I won't overwork these words. I'll leave them be and I know that you'll take them as they are. And I promise I won't do this too often. Have a great weekend and I'll see you soon. Pin It


  1. I too send out my posts and hope that someone reads them... I just thought I'd let you know that I'm reading yours today ;)

  2. I love to read, too! I'm not as good at the words part. At least not the written word. The verbal one, well, I've got that down.

  3. You've put your blog out there and just wanted tell you that I enjoy it! Its part of my daily sites to visit and your words/crafts/creativity is ALL GOOD. Thank you

  4. Ah, my fellow rambler- you are wonderful. :-) I feel lucky to know someone like you!


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