Monday, August 16, 2010

new adventures

 My sister is leaving for grad school halfway across the country in a couple weeks. And while I am so very very proud of her, I'm also very very sad. We've been spoiled to have her close by and my boys love her to pieces. But this will be a great adventure for her and it is where her heart longs to be.

But saying "Goodbye" and "I love you" are not enough. My machine and I have our own ways of saying "We'll miss you"...of course. And this time, it was embellished towels, courtesy of good old Martha Stewart. If you'll turn to page 131 in your trusty Encyclopedia, you'll find the how-to for these...

They're not difficult and I was really happy with the finished set.

She loved them and they will travel with her even though we can't. It makes me really happy that a part of us will be with her, as part of her everyday life, a little reminder that we're counting down to Christmas when she comes home again.

{Oh, and I'm sure my husband really appreciates the fact that I got around to cleaning our I could take photos for the blog.}
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  1. Lovely accents on the towels. Isn't it funny how we carve out spaces for pictures when we blog? Why isn't it the other way around?

  2. adorable towels-love the fabric! and comment about your hubby-hehe!

  3. :) don't you just love cleaning up for the blog? I do the same all the time. The towels are so pretty, what a nice gift. Too bad your sis is moving away though...

  4. What a simple idea. How pretty they turned out.


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