Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I like Halloween?

Cheap black wreath + black glitter clip-on bird from Michael's. 
So simple and yet it makes me smile every time I come through the door.

Surprisingly enough, I've discovered that I actually like Halloween since having kids. Who knew? I remember a college roommate of mine used to decorate our whole place with cobwebs and pumpkins and scary galore and I used to think, "Really? Halloween? Huh." Well, now I get it. The boys have made Halloween, along with a myriad of other things, way more fun than they ever were before. Sure, those things are usually louder, crazier, messier, sometimes grosser, but always more fun.

So I bring you my newest (right under the wire for Halloween!) spooky creation: vinyl wall art bats! The inspiration for these was twofold in that I already had the vinyl just waiting for a project and I saw a similar set of Martha Stewart bats (which cost more than the two full rolls of vinyl...).

My supplies were simple: Cricut Cuttables adhesive-backed 3mil vinyl (if you were wondering, I do not have a Cricut but just had to have the vinyl), bat stencil/template, white pencil/crayon, and scissors.

First, I found a free bat template here. If you are artistically inclined at all, you could easily freehand a couple of these. I don't trust my skills that much.
Then, I traced a couple different sizes onto the black vinyl using a white water soluble fabric pencil.

I cut them out with scissors and then played with the arrangement using scotch tape on the back. When I was satisfied with the layout, I peeled off the backing paper and rubbed them on the wall.

So easy! So fun!
And the best part? I still have 1 3/4 rolls of vinyl to play with all year round...hmmm, the possibilities.
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  1. ha, love the wreath, I just bought one too! :) And your bats are just fabulous! how cool are they?!

  2. Ahh, so cool. I love the bats. I would have to put some orange in the wreath but I also like it the way it is. Very cool.

  3. Love this idea! Thanks's perfect, and super easy to make, just what I like!

  4. I agree, children make any holiday way more exciting. I love being able to see things anew through their eyes.

  5. Hey Kari, I run a vinyl design and cutting business from home. Are you interested in collaborating? I can provide the vinyl you want, and you can use it in a project! Please consider it! e-mail:


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