Thursday, October 14, 2010

ennui in the kitchen

I could also have titled this post "Willing fall to arrive in seasonless San Diego through cooking"...all those blog posts out there about leaves changing, breezes picking up, the feel of fall in the air, they always make me long for just a little bit of weather here...sigh.

As the actual title implies, I have been bored silly by cooking lately. While I've been trying super hard to keep our grocery budget low and everyone healthy and full, I just can't bring myself to make the same dishes we've known and loved for so long. So this last week, I had an experiment of sorts and tried a completely new dish every night. And it was a roaring success! Not only did the kids eat everything, but my husband got seconds at every single meal...followed by a playful accusation that I'm trying to get him to gain as much weight as me :).

And, in a departure from our norm, 2 out of the 4 meals were meatless {nudge nudge, Janis}. I always want to cut back on the meat (admittedly, mostly for cost purposes, but if you'd like to believe that I'm virtuous, by all means, go right ahead). My husband is a carnivore through and through but even he loved these dishes.

So if you need a fresh start in the kitchen, here are 4 great recipes to try next week (all from the Disney Family website). I didn't even think of blogging my little experiment until tonight so there are only photos of the last meal. But, take my word for it, they were all beautiful and delicious.

It doesn't get any easier than this. Fast, filling and a big crowd pleaser.

Tuesday: Salmon Cakes with mushroom risotto (Target brand box mix) and salad
A little more work but so yummy. Cooking in oil usually scares me but this was easy.

Wednesday: Asparagus Bread Pudding with salad
The kids didn't rave about this one, but they did still eat it. My husband and I, however, loved it.

Thursday: Chicken Chili with boxed cornbread mix
This was yummmmy and very mild. If your family likes some spice (like we do), add some white pepper and more chili powder).

What is chili without fixins?

 This bowl of chili made me so happy...

And nothing like a little Near Beer to round out chili and cornbread for the pregnant girl.

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  1. Thanks for the link...we need some new recipes to try!

  2. Mmmmm..... I know what I'm making next weekend: Chili! Thanks for the reminder!


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