Friday, October 8, 2010

my first mini

My first mini quilt, that is.  
And the first project I've ever bought 1/8 yard cuts of fabric for. I felt like the girl at the cut table would call me out for not being a true seamstress and I'd have to prove my worth by listing the many many yards I have at home. But that's neither here nor there...

A girlfriend of mine is getting married tomorrow - yeah! A girlfriend I've known for almost 20 years...I'm positive that we're not actually old enough to have known each other that long, but some kind of new fangled math adds it up to 20.

Besides being mysteriously young, she also has great taste.
Case in point: this is the wedding invitation I got in the mail.
Just wonderful. Spendid, really.

Well, I loved the invite so much that I decided to create a gift based on the graphic. First, I scanned the image and enlarged it. Then, I cut out the individual parts and adapted them for sewing (smoothing out the scribbles, etc.). I cut out the different parts and appliqued them to a piece of Kona muslin (I chose the size based on the frame I could find).

Then, I put it all together in my first ever mini quilt!
Minis are easy gratification and fun to do. Who knew?
This was my first time doing straight binding and I'm not a big fan.
In case you were wondering, bias binding is a lot more forgiving and easier to work with.

And, realizing that it looks (erroneously!) much like a place mat, I mounted it in a shadow box.
Hopefully, it will be a nice reminder of a beautiful wedding day.

To many many years of health and happiness!
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  1. Lovely! What a thoughtful gift.
    I once made a doll blanket and it totally looked like a placemat. I just made a coaster (yep, just one- for my bedside table water glass) and I used flannel for batting. It was much more pliable and I think I'd try that if I wanted to make another small quilt. A bit less placematty if they're softer I think!

  2. really cool kari, and very thoughtful too!

  3. It is beautiful! I'm sure she will appreciate it very much. Also, next year it will be 20 year for my best friend and I. Yikes. :)

  4. what a beautiful and thoughtful gift! I'm sure they will treasure it!

  5. This looks great-- way to go adapting the invitation to your mini quilt! Recently I read an article about mounting art quilts on stretched artist's canvas. You can even paint the canvas in complementary shades to match your work. Then there is no question that it is meant to hang on the wall!

  6. So thoughtful and so lovely! You always come up with special, one-of-a-kind gifts, Kari. She will be thrilled to recieve it. Hope you had a fun time at the wedding.

  7. I've never made a mini either, but after seeing yours, I've got all kinds of ideas. What if I took a picture my kids drew and made it into a mini quilt to hang in their rooms? Or what if... So it is you and your beautiful mini quilt that I have to think for the last 15 minutes of new ideas being added to my never ending and way too long list of projects to (one day, if possible) make!!

  8. That is BEAUTIFUL! You should be soooo proud! I wish I had any sort of sewing skill :)

  9. How beautiful! I'm sure the bride and groom loved it!

  10. I stumbled across your site this morning and what a great site. I love this little mini quilt. Thanks for sharing.


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