Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Baby Baby

The belly at Kit Carson Park in Escondido...looking twice as big with the split in the mirrors. 
If you live in San Diego, you've got to take the kids here. It's a huge, beautiful park with a sculpture garden to frolic in.  

Yesterday we had the BIG ultrasound appointment and we're on our way to a sports team with another baby boy! This is our third boy (and, if you were wondering, our last little one to round out the circus) and I feel like I'm pretty well prepared for boy noises and messes. I love my boys and get them (up until about age 4 so far, anyhow) and there is something very touching about the tender beginnings of boys turning into men.

The kids heading under the central sculpture...

I am always so curious to learn all about the little personality developing even in the womb. And the little voice waiting to be heard is a wonder to me; with both of my boys I have loved their first words and growing thoughts. Words are a big deal to me, and their words are especially remarkable to me.

the kids romping through the "maze"...

Of course, part of being pregnant is preparing for the baby. So I've been thinking about the nursery and how I'll decorate know, the really important part of having a baby... But nursery decorating leads to dreams of other decorating projects in the house. So now I've decided it would be fun to make over the master bedroom, maybe one of the many upholstered headboards out there, new bedding like this, or some new all art (way out of my price range, but so beautiful!) that makes some kind of statement about our home and life. There's nothing wrong with our bedroom, mind you. I'm just on a hormone-fueled daydreaming mission. Most likely, nothing will come of it, but I sure do like looking for inspiration.

For now, I'll content myself with looking at nursery bedding and wall art and planning the last of our baby spaces... Pin It


  1. Congratulations - three little guys sounds a great prospect to look forward to! My friend recently had a scan and found she is also carrying a boy, but in her case this will be a brother to her little girl, so she's heading into the unknown! I hope you stay happy and healthy through the rest of the pregnancy and find the energy to make preparations... I seem to remember the last couple of days being really productive in that way ;)

  2. Hooray for boys! I have two sons, grew up with two brothers and lots of boy cousins. I was so lost when I started college and had to live with girls.

  3. Aww your baby bumpp is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous creations you make for your new baby boy xxx

  4. What an amazing park - I'd love to be able to visit someday! And congratulations on the news you're having another boy - how wonderful!

  5. yay, another boy, that'll be so fun for you guys! And I love being in that daydreaming planning part, so fun!

  6. Yay! We're having a boy too! Boys everywhere!


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