Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where did fall go?

Or, I guess I should ask, "Where did fall decorations go?" 

Maybe I haven't been paying attention these last few years. 
Maybe stores have had to mercilessly slash the seasonal merchandise that doesn't bring in revenue.
Maybe I'm not quite ready for Christmas decorations (though you'll know when I am). 
But, whatever the reason, I am having a heck of a time finding Thanksgiving decor. Apparently, I should have been looking for the perfect front door Thanksgiving wreath in October because there's nothing out there now.

But, have no fear. I am a crafty girl and I do love problem solving. So I took myself to Michaels (completely devoid of fall decor, for the record...I'm not bitter about this at all, not really) and scoured the many many Christmas displays until I found some sprigs bearing some resemblance to fall colors. Bonus: they're glittery {sidetracking...I love glittery holiday stuff. If it shimmers, it way ups the cheer factor for me}

Then I also found a dried grapevine wreath for dirt cheap. $3.99 for an 18" wreath - that might be one of the best deals in the store, especially when you use a coupon. Total cost for this project: $6.

Using wire cutters (stolen from the man of the house's tool chest), I hacked apart the sprigs.

Then I stuck them in the wreath until I was happy with the arrangement

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  1. Pretty stuff. Sometimes you just have to make your own things. They're best that way anyhow.

  2. In Canada now it is an odd time for seasonal decorating. Thanksgiving was a month ago, Halloween's over, but I REFUSE to get started on Christmas already. Nobody needs two months of Christmas! I'm just keeping my plain black feather boa Halloween wreath up until December 1. Maybe I seem like a weirdo, but it's my favourite wreath, so I don't care.


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