Friday, November 12, 2010

Queen Bee!

It isn't often that I get to leave the house sans kiddos, 
and even less often that I get out with the girls and without kids.

But tomorrow, I get to do both with this crafty girl, Natalie, at the Queen Bee Market!
If you're in the San Diego area, it's being held at the Del Mar Hilton
{free admission means more cash to spend on handmade goodness}
and I'd love to meet other crafty folks there.

And, to sweeten the deal, it will be kid-less girl time checking out crafty homemade goods.
The only things that could make this better would be if I could drink some wine (not until April) and read a great book while checking out crafty goods.
Maybe I'll even bring my own wares to a show like Queen Bee someday way off in the future when the kids are in school and I have a little more time to create...

Oh, and I'll have a fun giveaway for you all next week just in time for Thanksgiving!
Something to do with these...

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