Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas in the air

Hello there!! I've missed hanging out with you all on the blog and hope you're having a wonderful December. I am so sorry that it's been such a terribly long time since I've posted. We have had a crazy house here with the holidays getting underway and the fact that we put our house on the market recently. Just getting the house ready and keeping it clean with our circus (as I fondly refer to the boys and massive dog...) has been quite a job in and of itself. Pair that with being pregnant and I'm passed out on the couch every night at a ridiculously early hour.

But I am back now and am LOVING the holidays. We've decorated the tree. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, well with nails, anyhow. And I only have a little shopping to do.

Oh, and somewhere along the line, I turned into one of those women. You know, the ones who have villages of Christmas buildings ranging from the quaint (country house, church, etc.) to the oddly endearing (winery, pet shop, anyone? yes, I have both...). 

I could not stand these things a few years back and now I'm in love with mine. Each year a different selection gets set out and I usually get a new one to add to my growing village. Getting married and having babies definitely alters us as women, but I never saw this one coming. 

And, so as not to disappoint, I have a craft for you all! If you need a quick little present or gift topper (it would make a great gift tag if you put a picture of the recipient in it...just saying), this is a quick little project. Just factor in glue-drying time so you won't get frustrated. This little number is headed to our now annual Girls Night Ornament Exchange. Chances are, this will be the only handmade ornament at the exchange (like last year), but nobody complains.
And if you're reading and will be at the exchange, you get a sneak-peek. :)

You'll need small quantities of felt (light blue, grey, white, green), yellow pom-pom, tacky glue & glitter.
Cut out your pieces according to my low-tech, hand drawn template (printed to fit on a standard 8 1/2"x11" sheet of paper)

This next step isn't necessary, but I like the look of it. 
Run some stitching around the blue frame piece, like so.

Add the year, label, love note, recipient's name, whatever you like on the back.

Now run a bead of tacky glue along the curvy edge of your white piece and sprinkle with glitter.
Then glue it to the blue piece, aligning the bottom edges. 

Glue your green tree shape and then pom-pom on top of that.

 Run glue along three edges of your backing piece, leaving the top long edge blank.
Sandwich the front and back together.

If you're lazy like me, glue a piece of ribbon on the top corners of the back to hang your ornament.
If you're industrious, you would sew this on and I would be very proud of you.

Slip a piece of cardstock or a photo measuring 5" x 3.5"  in the ornament and admire your craftiness!

I might have to add some more glitter to the know how much I like glitter for the holidays...
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  1. Merry Christmas! It looks like you're off to a great start...maybe a little more glitter is in order. :)


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