Thursday, March 22, 2012 & polka dots

Pink. Polka Dots.
Needless to say, in a house with 4 guys (5 if you include the dog...) I don't get much of either. 
But this little number satisfied my need for pink in a big way. Here is the Heather Bailey Freshcut quilt all done!

An almost one year old for scale.
 Oh, and you can see what the back looks like, too.


I branched out on the quilting with this one trying some stitching resembling vines, lazy eights (the idea came from here), and a repeating pattern in the corners. 
A little random, but I figure a baby likes colors and patterns, right?

This was my first attempt at anything beyond straight lines, stippling, or simply free motion quilting around an existing design on the fabric.

A little of this through the body of the quilt...

a little of that down the sides...

And the corners. I was winging it on these and think it was too much quilting. These areas aren't as pliable as I would like.

But considering how little time I have to sew, I rarely bother with practicing on scraps.
So this was my practice quilt.
Is it ok to give a practice quilt as a gift? I guess it will be this time... 

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  1. I would happily receive a practice anything from you. You're amazing!

  2. Looks great! The baby and parents are sure to love it!

  3. Love it. And yes to your question. Your "practice" is awesome!

  4. I'll take a practice scrap from you, let alone a quilt. It's gorgeous!


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