Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello Monday

Another week. Another sick kid. My poor 5 year old is wiped out today with a bug. So we're laying low at home on this grey day. I've been trying to work out a birthday gift for my grandmother who turns 90 (longevity!) in a couple weeks and playing around with the idea of a family tree.

Etsy has some beautiful stuff. As always.

And I really want this one for myself.
Seriously. Genius.

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  1. Hi Kari!
    I am the one who created the scrabble/cross word and i am totally giddy about you blogging about my digital art, i know i am kinda weird! anyway i noticed you said you wanted one, i would be happy to make one for you on the house :-) let me know!

  2. Hi Stephanie, I LOVE your family tree art and would be thrilled to have one of my own! I'll email you. Thank you so much!


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