Friday, April 27, 2012

One for the guys

My husband's birthday is here and he loves it when I sew for him. 
Sadly, this is pretty rare aside from the occasional mending and the fishing reel bags

This year, however, I managed to copy his favorite pair of boxers (which he has loved to know what I mean, right?). 
I've never copied a piece of clothing like this and really enjoyed the process. 

{I love the little 1 year old hand reaching into the frame. Ah, my constant companion.}

 I managed to get the dimensions and stitching spot on, but can you tell what's missing?
Oh yah, the FLY!!!
Someone should have warned me that sewing a fly is a learned skill, not something you should try and wing.
Want to know what happened to the first fly I attempted?

Uh huh.

So, the boxers have no fly. 
Even though it seems very similar to giving a hand knit  sweater with uneven sleeves,
I'm hoping my effort and thoughtfulness will win out over this little omission...

I did try and make up for it by adding a twill tape "tag" in the back since it's awfully hard to tell which is front & back without a fly. (idea totally stolen from Anna)

I am happy with the double row of stitching for the hem.

And I learned how to do a flat fell seam!
Fabulous new skill to have! (learn here)

Here's hoping he likes them!
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  1. Gifts from the heart are the best kind and the most precious! Nice work!


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