Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello Monday

Happy (day after) Mother's Day! Whether you were with your mom, your littles, or both, I hope it was wonderful.

When my ever sweet husband asked what I wanted to do, I said "lunch at the beach" and "be with our families." 
Lucky girl that I am, I got both and it was stretched into a whole Mother's Day weekend.

The hearts my sweet boy drew in the sand for me.

The big boys looking for shells and rocks.

The baby discovering sand...

And do feet get any sweeter?
I think not.

The cherry on top of my day was when my 4 year old fell asleep in my arms on the patio with my in-laws.
Perfect weather, day, company, and snuggles.

 Oh, and look for a giveaway later this week!
Ever heard of Shabby Apple...? Uh huh. I'm super excited!

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