Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My sewing machine is in the shop for maintenance...3 years is probably too long but at least it didn't turn into 4, right?
Of course, as soon as I drop it off I have a TON of things I wish I could be sewing.
But the good thing is that I'm not distracted by my to-make-list (lesson to learn here, trying to remember this...).


Today happened to be a gorgeous day and something about a sunny day just cries out for lemonade. 
At least that's what my four year old thought so we made lemonade.
By "made" I mean we used concentrate and then juiced a couple fresh lemons into it for that almost-homemade taste. 

And the lemon slices are just a nice touch. My 5 year old said it made his drink look fancy.
I have to agree.

The cutest part? The boys wanted to use the concentrate cans as their cups. 
With bendy straws, of course.
Ingenious, really.

Sunny weather, happy kids, yummy lemonade.
I don't know about you, but I'm already looking forward to summer break.

Oh, and the Shabby Apple giveaway will be tomorrow!
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