Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello Monday...and want to swap?

I hope you had a great weekend! We did the Lego Party, of course and enjoyed lots of time with family and friends. That makes me a happy girl.

And lately I've been thinking about joining or orgnanizing a quilt block swap. Has anyone out there done this before or know how it works? I just want to make up a modern 12 1/2" block and get one in return. Maybe get a group of seamstresses together who like making modern quilt blocks? What do you all think? If anyone has experience in this or even knows of a swap I could just join, can you let me know?

My head is swimming with ideas and I have some great fabrics just waiting to be made into little bits of art. 
I'd love to get a bunch of us together on this...

Hope your week is off to a great start!
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  1. Ooo - pick me! I've done a couple of block swaps and some smaller, one-time-project (bags, mug rugs, etc) swaps and they're SO much fun. It's been while and I've been thinking about looking for a swap group again. The groups that I was involved in previously were all set up through flickr. You can just do a search for "modern swap" or "modern quilt swap" or the like and a whole slew of things pop up. Once upon a time, there was a master list of swap groups kept up on flickr, but I'm not sure exactly where it is anymore, or if it's still kept up. If you get a few people who are interested, I'd love to be considered as part of the group!


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