Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer

Since school is out, our sense of time has been altered around here. 
Somehow, a couple weeks got away from me while we've been playing, seeing friends, and making our big plans for summer adventures.

I got to have a real live sewing date with Natalie and we totally geeked out over thread and needle stuff.

Look at our machines bonding...


And if I get Starbucks with my sewing, I am a very happy girl.

I made up some cloth napkins to go with the new summer patio dishes I splurged on at Target. 
(Do you see that turtle pin cushion in the background? It's Natalie's and so adorable!)

And we've been grilling with friends (using the new dishes and cloth napkins I made, of course).

I so enjoy eating outdoors in the husband grills, we pad outside barefoot, and enjoy our San Diego weather while the sun is still out and an evening breeze picks up.
Oh, and I love strawberries for dessert 
(with a little whipped cream and angel food cake to go with them...). 


This weekend is all about Daddy here and we are loving on him (and trying to give him some Man Time in the garage). 
I hope you have fun plans for Father's Day!
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