Monday, July 2, 2012


It's been kind of quiet on the little blog lately with all our summer fun. I hope you are having as much fun as us, wondering where the time goes and why you don't take more pictures. (on the other hand, I'm always very satisfied knowing I enjoyed something so much that I didn't even think to take pictures...) One of the things taking up my time has been yoga. Lots of it. It's been a few years since I practiced yoga regularly but I've always enjoyed it. My sweet husband found a Groupon recently and I've been making good use of it. 
But, of course, what is a hobby without the right accessories? 
I know you totally get that.

So I found this tutorial and whipped up a yoga tote this weekend. Tonight will be the maiden voyage to class and I am excited to take it out in the geekiest way you can imagine.

I probably spent as much on the button as I did on each cut of fabric...why does that feel so decadent to this very practical seamstress? But I think it really finishes the bag.

The best part is how roomy it is! There are tutorials for straps to wrap around your mat or even drawstring tube-style bags but I want a carry-all for the towel, flip flops, keys, all of it. And don't you love that lining fabric??

Have a good week and I'll be back soon!
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  1. OOOOH!!! I love it! Awesome for you doing-the-yoga:) I love the colors and the lining fabric is so pretty. What is it called/where can I get some?

  2. What a great bag. Well done!


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