Saturday, July 7, 2012

On the road again

Pretty soon, we're taking a family road trip to vacation with some friends and I can't wait!
One big rented house, 4 adults, 6 kids ages 8 and under. 
Doesn't that sound like everyone's dream vacation?

Of course, a road trip with three small children is a whole different beast than pre-kids. Besides the snacks, potty stops and copious amounts of books & toys, we happen to have a one year old who hates nothing more in his whole little universe than the carseat. As a result, he likes to protest by turning anything within reach into a projectile and then complaining rather loudly because said item is now out of reach.

Needless to say, I'm not thrilled about 8 hours in close quarters with this.

So I'm hoping to outsmart him with a tether. Now that snack cup, toy, or sippy will stay within chubby arm's reach no matter how much he tries to get rid of it. And because I LOVE shortcuts and quick projects, I thought you might like this super quick project too.
{The best part is that you could also use it in the stroller and easily change the overall length of the tether and the width of your snaps to accommodate any number of constantly-getting-lost items}

Gather up about 18" of double fold binding. Use this little gadget to make some, or just buy a pack at the store. 
You'll also need snaps and a snap setter (velcro or a button would work fine if you don't have snaps on hand).


I happen to have a jar full of leftover binding bits that came in very handy for this.

Take one end of your binding and create a loop.

Tuck the raw end into the fold of your binding and pin it in place

Open up the other end of your strip and fold it in about 1/4"

Close it back up and pin together

Now sew from this end to the loop end, securing the loop like so...

Set your snaps about 3" apart on the other end using this handy little "smasher" and a pilfered hammer from your husband's garage.

You should now have something that resembles this.
(The print is different, you're not crazy. I realized I needed more than one...)

I already looped it onto the seat strap and snapped a snack cup in place so he can fall in love with it before the drive.

I think I'll make a few more so I can tether a toy, snack and drink all at the same time.
Then, even if he complains, I know it's not because he's hungry, thirsty, or bored.
Simply angry because he's been strapped in. Again.

Hope your summer is full of adventures!
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  1. Good luck! I hope the tether works for you. I had a car seat/drive hater, and the only thing that worked was for me to sit back with her the whole. drive. :)


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