Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The L Train Quilt {take 2}

Sorry for the repeat but I just had to post better pictures of the L Train Quilt. I would even go so far as to delete the original post with the sub-par photos but that seems dangerously close to disrupting the space-time continuum of the little blog. Geek Alert! 
So those stay right where they are and I make amends here.
My sweet sister took these. Thanks, Lissa!

To recap, my sister lives in Chicago and I needed a birthday gift for her.
The train system in Chicago is called the L.
With a little hand embroidery and some machine quilting, I made her this.

From the front...

The colored routes and Lake Michigan shoreline are to scale, but I used some artistic license with the city grid to make it what I wanted.
 If you enlarge the quilt front, you'll see a little heart in the top right corner of the map.
That's where my sister and her husband live. A memory in fabric of their newlywed days...

From the back...not nearly as exciting.
Intentionally offset, I really like the how my little label is nestled in the bottom right corner.

My little love label, handsewn on to the backing just because I really like the look of hand stitching.

The coast of Lake Michigan. 
In thread.

Detail of the loop.

And just for comparison sake, here is the actual map of the L.

Thank you for humoring me so I could do this quilt justice!
We'll all pretend that those other pictures never happened, right?

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  1. Yay! Love this amazing gift so much, Kar. We'll have it forever and remember our time in Chicago each time we snuggle up together under it. Your thoughtfulness and creative ingenuity are an inspiration! Much love and gratitude.

  2. Amazing. So glad I got to see part of it in person! Someday I'd love to come watch you do the stitching like what you did for the lake. I'm sure there's an art to it. :-)


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