Wednesday, August 1, 2012


A couple months back, my kindergartner had a playdate with a classmate. Since he hadn't played at this friend's house before, I tagged along. While the boys were playing, the classmate's mom said, "Tell me a little about yourself, we've never really gotten to chat." OK, ummm...I told her I love to read and am always working on a book. Then I told her that I also love to sew and I make a little bit of everything.

Reading. Sewing.

Then I said, "I'm pretty much like a little old lady, I guess."

In my defense, I have started playing soccer recently and I feel like that redeems my geriatric hobbies. I'm not amazing at soccer but am absolutely loving it! I highly recommend that you pick up a new hobby, especially a sport, at some point in your "grown up" life because it is so much fun.
And, even better, now we have 2 soccer players in the house! My 1st grader starts his season soon and we got his gear today. After getting home, I realized that we almost have the same soccer shoes...

His are black & blue. Mine are black & pink. 
(Come on! If I'm buying special shoes, they better be pink.)

I play indoor soccer on turf (no cleats), and my little man plays outdoor on grass (big tough looking cleats).

Oh, and because I'm so short and buy the smallest size gear around, he was able to use my shin guards tonight.
33 years old. Almost 6 years old. Uh huh.

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  1. Good for you~ way to find something "ungeriatric"! I think you need pink as much as possible. :)

  2. I will combat you saying you're not very good. Two goals last game. Something to brag about! :)


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