Thursday, May 7, 2009

Heather Ross' Free Dress Pattern

The free Heather Ross Mendocino dress pattern that I mentioned before became a reality...twice. I actually made two of these and this one was the right size. (remember, I clearly have no idea what size I am in real life) Excuse the picture - it's the best shot of the dress from the get together I wore it to. The dress was simple to make, and smocking (or shirring, whatever you want to call it) really is as easy and addicting as people say. I'm not comfortable wearing it without a sweater, but I was lucky enough to already have a sweater that matched! My favorite part of the dress? It has pockets. I just adore pockets in a dress...

Oh, and the hem isn't uneven - just a little monkey on my hip hiking it up. :) Pin It


  1. Very nice. Love the fabric print and colors!

  2. Thanks! I bought it on sale at Joann's. :)

  3. Super cute. I want to learn how to sew too. When I live near you again will you teach me?

  4. I am always looking to get someone else addicted to sewing! You're on!


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