Friday, June 5, 2009

Applique Crazy

I have done some appliques lately for the kids and just love doing it. Not technically hard (except for drawing in reverse on the fusible stuff...). If you need to make a personalized gift, this is the way to go - people are never underwhelmed when they see it.

Here are couple of little bucket hats I made - one for a friend's kiddo and one for mine.

And, here is the birthday boy shirt I made for my youngest for the big bash. A proud number one on the back. Since he's generally crawling somewhere very quickly I thought a one on the front would be a loss. There is also a star on the front pocket but no good pictures of it. I love this picture of my boys...
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  1. You MADE those hats?? They're awesome. I love that picture of the boys too. Big M is such a sweet big brother.

  2. Oh, I wish I had made the hats themselves! I bought the hats and then created the initials and used a fusible webbing and decorative stitching to affix them. Thanks for even imagining I could make the hats though! :)

  3. Uh... you lost me at "fusible."

  4. I love that you can appreciate my craftiness even when it is a foreign language, Janis. :)


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