Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yet another version of Heather Ross' free dress pattern...

I love the ease of this pattern and kept thinking I could do it more justice (the last two versions didn't shine like I hoped: see #1 and #2). Well, I may have finally done it with version #3!

Here it is in an Amy Butler Midwest Modern print (I love this print...where I bought it) with spaghetti straps (remind me later how little I enjoy making spaghetti straps). I used french seams on the sides, and left out the pockets since I only carry bulky, heavy things that moms need and unfortunately never use the pockets in the other trials. Additionally, I also took six inches off the hem since I am no amazon (though I would love to be...). Overall, I think it turned out great. Pin It


  1. Love it! Love the print, the length, everything. Hope you enjoyed making this one.

  2. Pretty! I'm not an Amazon either. That's one reason why sewing is so much more fun than buying retail :)

  3. Thanks Allison! I really did like making this dress. By the third time I make something, it goes pretty smoothly. :)

    And, thanks Becky! You're right about sewing for my petite self being more fun than buying retail. Most things just aren't made quite right for us.


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