Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Christmas of Quilts...part five

Last but not least is my sister's quilt (you might recognize it from this post). I used more fabric from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain Aquatic collection, though they're not the same ones as the previous quilt. I like the layout on this one and especially the crisscrossing quilting. If I hadn't believed that my sister would love it so much, I might just have kept this one...

Even more than the quilt in this picture, I love my little three year old's feet poking out of the bottom next to my sister's. Sweet sweet boy...
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  1. Are you planning this Christmas' handmade gifts? Again, you have created such beautiful, useful, and one of a kind treasures! Thank you for inspiring me:)

  2. You are too sweet, Allison! I haven't thought about this next Christmas yet, but you know I'll blog about it when I do. :)


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