Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hybrid Fabric Box

There are lots of cute tutorials for beautiful fabric boxes out there (like this and this, for example), but I am short on time and patience for projects that are cute and skillful. So, here's the box I made to hold my many spools of thread using both my sewing machine and trusty hot glue gun (hence the "hybrid" name). It even matches my sewing machine cover - now I can keep my sewing supplies easily accessible without creating ugly clutter (I have plenty of that in other parts of the house!). Constantly digging in my notions basket and the plastic grocery bag (so chic, I know) for the right color was getting old. I've never put together a project how-to, but I hope this makes sense.

First I found a box the right size, and cut off the flaps.

Then I covered it in felt to smooth out the edges using a hot glue gun. Any fabric would work. I only used yellow felt because I had it on hand (clearly not because of how well it coordinates with the outer fabric).

Then I cut my outer fabric to size making sure to add 2 inches to outer dimensions so you can wrap the fabric around the underside of the box. (tip: measure these dimensions after applying felt/padding fabric) You could just as easily use a large square and cut out the 4 corners. But this was a better use of my fabric without wasting any or creating scraps that I don't want to keep track of.

Now you'll find and mark the center of the long sides of all 3 pieces of fabric. Match up the right sides of the fabric for both "wing" pieces at the center marks (the first picture), pin, and sew. After sewing both wings on, you should have something that looks like the second picture.

Sew all 4 corners together, matching up the unattached parts of the long center piece and wing pieces (highly technical description). You'll end of with a box shape like this - mine is flattened for the picture.
Before the next step, press your seams open.

Next, turn your fabric right side out and ease the fabric onto your box, carefully matching the corner seams with the corners of the box. This may take some "convincing." I used fabric with some stretch in it which really helped.

Turn your box upside down, wrap your excess fabric underneath, and secure with hot glue. I folded the corners as if I was wrapping a gift for a nice, clean look.
If you planned to give the box as a gift, you would cut larger pieces at the start to have enough to completely cover the bottom of the box.
I'm particularly fond of the "Corrugated Recycles" logo you can see on the underside. It sure does recycle - right into my box!

Ta-da! Now you have a cute, functional box!
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  1. I really like this idea. I love that it has more structure to it than the usual fabric boxes. Excellent job!


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