Monday, May 25, 2009

Stylish Lunch

I love buying fabric remnants. And, even more than that, I love when I can put those remnants to a really cute use. Like this lunch bag!

This is the birthday gift I made last week for a girlfriend (had to wait to post it until she got it). It's technically a home dec weight fabric but I thought it would hold up nicely for daily use. The button I already had (the odd man out leftover from the pink and green striped dress in this post) - love when that happens. I just used plain old 1/4" elastic for the loop closure. And I used french seams throughout...currently, one of my favorite things in sewing. No pattern, just based it on a real paper lunch bag and made it much bigger (leftovers have to fit in it, let's be realistic).

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  1. Is that a label on this inside? It looks cute! I would so use this for work in the fall...will you sell them on ETSY? :-)

  2. It sure is a label - I love my little labels. And, hey, if there's a little market for the lunch bags I'd totally sell them on etsy. I've got several items ready to list right now and am just waiting on labels for the shop... Thanks for complimenting the bag!


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